Awaken is wellness studio in Richmond, VA that exists to help you feel nurtured, balanced, educated and restored. We believe in the power of body awareness, breath, and touch. Massage is a sacred practice that will provide a natural means of healing for your whole body wellness.



Ryan Greene /Owner
Certified Massage Therapist + Thai + Reiki Master Teacher

Awaken: Richmond

It is the breathing with, the focused + intuitive pressure, the deep energy work… that makes his work a rare experience. Ryan has a passion for your personal wellness. He works with every client to initiate their natural healing systems by blending massage + breathwork + Reiki energy work + Energy clearing. Ryan also teaches Reiki Certification classes + Energy workshops. Most recently he works with New York Broadway performers including Hamilton, Aladdin, In the Heights, RENT, the PROM and more.   

He loves nothing more than to provide custom massage sessions to meet your individual needs for pain relief, deep tissue, trigger point, relaxation, medical recovery, sports performance, pregnancy massage, or energy imbalances. Ryan works to provide each client with a safe space to be restored in a therapeutic setting. We look forward to working with you soon.

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Jenna Davis

Certified Massage Therapist + Reiki Master
Awaken: Richmond

Jenna started her holistic healing journey when she was 19 years old and enrolled in a Reiki 1 class. She is now a Reiki master practitioner in Usui Holy Fire II Reiki and a graduate of the Lotus School of Integrated Professions 600 hour massage therapy program. Jenna offers a integrated massage experience, working with you to find which techniques help your body and mind find balance both on the table and off.


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Tori Miralles

Specialty Full Body Waxer
Awaken: Richmond

Tori has been full body waxing for six years. She first completed her unique training in Florida and then worked in San Diego, CA. She moved to Richmond Almost 2 years ago and is so excited to offer Full Body Waxing at Awaken. She is focused on providing each client a smooth, hairless and less painful experience. She specializes in strip-less hard wax for a gentler hair removal service, combined with a pre-waxing cleanse and post-waxing cooling gel to soothe any irritation. 



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Kendall Burton

Certified Massage Therapist
Awaken: Richmond

Kendall received her massage training from the Lotus School of Integrative Professions and has since been expanding her knowledge of holistic healing. She specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Trigger Point, Integrative Reflexology, and Therapeutic massage. She has experience working alongside Chiropractors, focusing on rehabilitative and preventative massage in wellness centers, as well as experience in spa settings providing relaxation and therapeutic services. She works with each client to customize the session to meet their specific needs. Kendall is continually expanding her knowledge by participating in continuing education and workshops, and is very excited to be a part of the Awaken collective.


Tim Smith

Certified Massage Therapist
Awaken: Richmond

Tim understands the body as a reservoir of life experiences-patterns of wanted and unwanted feelings. He looks forward to partnering with you in your massage experience.

Using techniques such as swedish, myofascial release, pin and stretch, unwinding and trigger point, Tim will assist you in your process through the pain of past entanglement into ease and mobility.

Tim graduated from Lotus School of Integrated Professions and is a member of American Massage Therapy Association


Amy Snow

Usui Holy Fire Reiki First and Second Degree. Chakra Dance Facilitator. Laugha Yoga Instructor. Teacher. Artist. Mama. Awaken: Richmond

Deep Peace of our Mother Earth to you! Richmond blesses us with the gifts of our river and her woods. From this life: these trees, the greens of eternal seasons, the sound of new life growing through ice, all of her creatures, the beautiful mud, and sky and all between and beneath - from here flows my energy - the light, love, and life of healing Reiki energy. Mahalo. After receiving Reiki, a woman described a most eloquent image, that my hands on her eyes were like looking through woven branches and that my body had become one with the trees behind me. Come and feel the deepest peace that allows you to breathe gratitude and joy and pleasure for all the gifts that are you. Reiki energy makes mighty your deepest peace and tends to all dis ease on every level - from physical to spiritual. The vibration of this peace and light within you will continue to heal and all subsequent Reiki sessions will bring you deeper into this light and healing. Reiki is the divine art of inviting happiness. 'Tis for children too! Thank you, for finding the Awaken Collective!


Lauren Chambers

Certified Massage Therapist
Awaken: Richmond

Lauren Chambers has been providing intuitive therapeutic massage since 2009. She specializes in providing a rare experience by combining quality massage with intuition and add-ons including facial massage, scrubs, hot stones, and more. Lauren also enjoys a focus on massage for women providing a safe space for women to find healing. She loves sharing her gifts to give each client the complete massage experience. 


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