Awaken is a multi location wellness studio in Richmond, VA that exists to help you feel nurtured, balanced, educated and restored. We believe in the power of body awareness, breath, and touch. Massage is a sacred practice that will provide a natural means of healing for your whole body wellness.




Ryan Greene /Owner
Certified Massage Therapist + Thai + Reiki Master Teacher

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Ryan has a passion for your personal wellness. He works with every client to initiate their natural healing systems by blending massage with Reiki energy work. Ryan also teaches Reiki Certification classes Energy workshops. Most recently he works with New York Broadway performers including Hamilton, Aladdin, In the Heights, Wicked, RENT, and more.   

He loves nothing more than to provide custom massage sessions to meet your individual needs for pain relief, deep tissue, trigger point, relaxation, medical recovery, sports performance, pregnancy massage, or energy imbalances. Ryan works to provide each client with a safe space to be restored in a therapeutic setting. We look forward to working with you soon.


Mackenzie Kroger
Certified Massage Therapist + Thai Bodyworker
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Mackenzie concluded her massage therapy training at Lotus School of Integrated Professions in May of 2014, and has been sculpting her practice to address ailment as effectively as possible since. To best treat ailment in the body, she incorporates a cohesive blend of deep Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial work, cupping, stretching, and aromatherapy amongst any other techniques that may be necessary to create the most change possible for every client. While relaxation is an inherent and desired effect of massage therapy, Mackenzie's main goal is to find each client's problem areas and to intentionally, intuitively address them to the best of her ability.


Mackenzie is also trained in Thai bodywork and the gaan kroot (scraping), firecupping, and herbalism ingrained within. This work involves deep compression and stretching to target the joints and all five layers of the body, and yields an opening, lightening effect. While all of her work is very focused and problem-oriented, the slow and thorough nature of Thai massage allows Mackenzie to best pinpoint and address the true roots of an ailment. Steamed herbal compresses may be used to relax the tissues and deepen the bodywork during both Thai and Swedish massages upon request. 


Mackenzie aims to demonstrate that massage therapy is much more than just relaxing; it is a  practice that makes a lasting impact on one's physical and mental states, and should be accessible to all. She finds it upsetting that it is normal for people to find themselves getting used to pain- thinking it's something they will have to deal with for the rest of their lives, or constantly treat with a pharmaceutical bandage. This is not always the case.


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Kolleen Dunlap
Certified Massage Therapist
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Kolleen practices a restorative approach to therapeutic massage by incorporating Swedish, Myofascial Release and deep pressure techniques for relaxation and relief from discomfort. She holds a supportive space that encourages body positivity and revival from within as well as guidance on the journey to improved wellness. 




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Lily Lamberta
Certified Massage Therapist + Thai + Reiki Master
Awaken: Avenue 42

Lily Lamberta is a passionate Massage Therapist who prides herself on her intuitive ability to customize soft tissue release and addressing energetic stagnation.  She uses trigger point, Myofascial, Thai Massage, Chinese Cranial Sacral, Reiki, and Deep Tissue Massage to create an individualized massage program thats based on each clients needs for pain relief and transformation.   She believes all massage therapy is energy work, and knows that we must confront pain and discomfort before we can create a landscape for transformation.  She has completed two years of Clinical Herbalism School at Sacred Plant Traditions in Charlottesville, VA, and plans to become a Clinical Herbalist, who uses herbal medicine to support people in treating their symptoms, spiritually and physically, in addition to her mission as a Massage Therapist. 


Lydia Crush
Spa + Client Experience Manager

For all of your booking needs please contact me at: Lydia@awakenmassagerva.com


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Tori Miralles

Specialty Full Body Waxer
Awaken: Avenue 42

Tori has been full body waxing for six years. She first completed her unique training in Florida and then worked in San Diego, CA. She moved to Richmond Almost 2 years ago and is so excited to offer Full Body Waxing at Awaken at Avenue 42. She is focused on providing each client a smooth, hairless and less painful experience. She specializes in strip-less hard wax for a gentler hair removal service, combined with a pre-waxing cleanse and post-waxing cooling gel to soothe any irritation. 

We look forward to working with you!



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