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Awaken happily supports local VA small businesses. We only use products
that are incredible, ethically sourced or organic



Awaken has partnered with RVA's own Maven Made to give you an experience of body bliss.

Our Body Sugar Scrub includes dry brushing, rejuvenating sugar scrub, nurturing and warm body wrap, and a blissful foot/scalp/face massage. The body is then treated to a moisturizing coconut oil.


Sandalwood Sugar Scrub ingredients (along with apricot kernel + grapeseed carrier oils):

GROUND SANDALWOOD: improves elasticity, softens aging skin + heals blemishes
ORGANIC CANE SUGAR: natural source of glycolic acid that encourages cell turnover + exfoliant
GRAPEFRUIT: fights appearance of cellulite + relieves muscle or joint pain
NEROLI: smoothes complexion + provides a natural glow



Awaken has partnered with Balm of the Earth to provide natural skincare for the every day pioneer. 

We love these people and their organic balms! Each session at Awaken provides you with a hand and foot treatment of their locally grown and created balms for sore muscles and moisturized skin.